Cable Harness Assembly

eci technology is proficient in delivering quality Cable Harness Assembly services from simple point-to-point to complex multiple branch harnesses. We offer customized cable harnesses to medical, military, commercial and industrial markets.

We have the latest multi-purpose crimping tools and automated cutting and trimming equipment. eci technology provides Cable Harness Assemblies that can be found in medical and critical military applications using IPC workmanship standards.

Our team specializes in offering electronic potting services and an extensive range of cable/connector and lead termination, encapsulation services to exclude moisture, prevent short circuits and provide strain relief in cable assembly suitable for harsh environments. Our expert design the Cable Harness Assembly with all features.

eci technology specializes in harness and cable assembly of all stages, from prototype to mass production with end-to-end termination testing, ultrasonic welding and cable over molding capabilities, combined with cable marking and laser printing. Contact us for more info or your order, Queries.