Cable Harness Assembly

What is a cable harness?

A cable harness binds together wires and cables in an exterior coating. This is done so that the materials inside would be safe and organized. It’s a great way to keep the electrical system in one easy to reach area. When the cables are in one place engineers can make fewer mistakes when working with a number of cables. You’ll find that because of the heavy-duty material used as covering for the exterior, the wires are greatly protected from the elements. The more common exterior coatings used are vinyl, thermoplastic rubber, etc. Any of which provides more than adequate protection for the wires inside.

Who requires the use of our cable harness?

We offer customized cable harnesses to medical, military, commercial, and industrial markets. In fact, you can find eci technology cable harness assemblies in medical and critical military applications. But cable harnesses can be used by any industry that uses a lot of wiring so that it would be easier to manage space. Our versatile harnesses are durable and offer better protection for your wires. Make an investment, and buy cable harnesses for your company. We follow IPC workmanship standards to create our excellent products. Plus it’s better than having to replace the cables every few years due to the wear and tear of the wires. Many industries use cable harnesses to make it a safer environment for the workers meaning fewer accidents to worry about.

Why do you need a cable harness?

Cable harnesses are used to make sure that the wires last longer. They are specifically designed to match the size required by the wires so that there is better protection for the cables. Our team will also test the products to ensure that it excludes moisture, prevents short circuits, and provides strain relief. An added benefit is that the wires are more resistant to fire damage depending on the outer coating. This means our products in cable assembly are suitable for harsh environments. eci technology can deliver quality cable harness assembly services from simple point-to-point to complex multiple branch harnesses. When you’re working in a demanding industry you shouldn’t be worrying about the durability of the cables being used. Which is why eci technology recommends purchasing this product.

How are cable harnesses customized?

Cable harnesses are used in a number of industries so it makes sense that there may be specific functions that are needed for each. A cable harness can be made to suit the application it is needed for. Such as by how much electricity it should handle, the exterior material used, the things the cable needs to be resistant to, and by the price range it should fall in. These factors help create a unique cable harness fit for your company. Some cables are made to last in hotter or colder temperatures or have a specific insulator used. With the variety of options given, clients play a large part in the design of the cable harness. We won’t start making the products until you’re fully satisfied with the prototype. Our attention to the client’s needs makes eci technology very popular in our industry.

What does eci technology do?

eci technology specializes in harness and cable assembly of all stages, from prototype to mass production. When the product is completed we perform end-to-end termination testing. We create the cable harness by doing things like ultrasonic welding, and cable overmolding using cable marking and laser printing. We go through this exhaustive process so that you are provided with the best products possible. Eci technology takes great care with the quality of cable harnesses provided which is why we’re one of the best manufacturing companies in Canada.

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