Electronic Assembly

eci technology  has a team of highly skilled and experienced assembly technicians. We specialize in providing customized electronic assembly services such as prototype assembly. But we also offer full electronic manufacturing services such as blank PCB fabrication, cable harness assembly, mechanical box build assembly, and supply chain management.

How does eci technology ensure a quick and safe process?

We have process control with online operator instructions at each assembly station. eci technology controls our gate using barcodes. We also track each process stage to ensure high-quality levels. eci technology always exceeds the most stringent criteria used to judge our electronic assembly equipment. Our many assembly lines are automated to get high production of electronics in less time. We deliver reliable products with efficiency. When the products have been completed we perform tests to ensure they were properly assembled. One test we use is the Automated Optical Inspection (AOI). This is used on our printed circuit board to make sure they were soldered properly and works well. We also use X-ray verification on the electronics for a better visual check-up.

How much can be manufactured here?

We are a high volume production company so eci technology can assemble over 10 000 units every year. We also provide test capability at the component level as well as manufacture test jigs and stations to support our high volume production.

What do we help manufacture?

We focus on 6 main areas of manufacturing. Our most requested is wireless communication for telecommunication devices. But we also work in the medical field to create pharmaceutical equipment. The automobile industry really benefits from our durable automotive parts. But we also take part in the green energy sector to help the environment by creating products that reduce emissions. You’ll find that many consumer electronics have small parts that we helped manufacture. We have also been called to help with the military and aerospace industry for products that work in harsh weather conditions.

How do we meet your specifications?

eci technology  spends a lot of time in the design phase of the order so that a clear discussion is done with the client about what they need. We then come up with the specifications that we need to meet Once we’re confident with our understanding we create then test the prototype. After which we send it to the client to look over before we begin mass production.

Why should you choose eci technology?

We have the knowledge and years of experience to provide you electronic manufacturing services. eci technology is one of the top-rated companies in Canada. We can do complex designs when needed. eci technology is a full production company so you’ll find that we do everything from designing to creating the finished product. Since we are available at every art so the process there is better communication during the stages to get the product you desire.

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