Mechanical Box Build Assembly

The mechanical box build is an assembly process done by our highly skilled employees. We provide high-quality manufacturing services from PCB to cable harness assemblies. Eci technology does testing to ensure it meets both environmental and functional standards. We customize the assembly process according to the client’s specific project requirements.

What industries use this type of assembly?

Our Electro-Mechanical Box Build Assembly Department has experience working across multiple markets such as the medical, automotive, green energy, wireless communication, and consumer electronics industries.

What type of box build can you make?

eci technology’s Mechanical Box Build Assembly specializes in assembling any type of box build – from simple projects that require placing electronic systems into simple enclosures (plastic) with displays or interfaces, to very complex projects that involve multiple cable arrangements and metal enclosures.

Why type of services does the mechanical box build assembly offer?

We will assemble the products using a system-level or product assembly. After which we test the products to ensure that there are no problems. This involves both software and product testing. When this meets our satisfaction we package and label the items. We also help repair any items if needed.

What should I prepare before the process?

  1. Design – Our customers choose everything from the materials to the components being used. You can decide to bring the materials yourself or have our company procure it for you. This should all be specified in your bill of materials. 
  2. Size – We need as much information on the product as possible from the dimensions to the weight. This helps us determine how we’ll create the product to meet customer expectations. 
  3. Model – We offer to create a sample product so that you can confirm that it meets your expectations. We’ll use this as a test for the mechanical box build assembly. So if you have a layout drawing of the product it’ll make this process easier. 
  4. Storage – You have to decide how to store your product after it has been assembled this includes transport and packaging. Some products could be more fragile than others so they need to be handled with more care. We must be informed if that is the case. 

Why choose eci technology?

  1. Our mechanical technicians are equipped with the appropriate resources and tools to assemble complex products. 
  2. We have the optimal environment for medical and touch-screen assembly. 
  3. Our engineering team connects with our clients to ensure we meet their specific instructions. 
  4. We offer final testing and burn-in requirements that are implemented prior to packaging and shipping procedures. 
  5. People rely on our company because we guarantee customer satisfaction and we can work the full mechanical process.

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