Aerospace and Defence

Aerospace and Defence Services

eci technology manufactures and assembles efficient, robust electronics used in the military and aerospace industries. In this dynamic and ever-changing industry, we are responsive towards manufacturing and delivering devices suitable to operate in harsh environments and weather conditions. Aerospace and Defence Services Provider in Canada

Over the years, eci technology has developed excellence in understanding and building quality system products with expertise in streamlining requirements and designing and developing high-mix and medium-volume products with a high level of complexity.

Integrating Intelligence...

 eci technology is proficient in building durable and rugged touchscreen and power devices, including complex durable circuit boards.

Our capabilities include:

Rapid Prototyping
In-house Design and Development
DFM Analysis
Complete Manufacturing Services
Testing and Verification
Process Control
Direct Shipment, Deployment and After-market Services

Our electronic modules can be used for many applications including:

Power Module Systems
Rugged Touchscreens