Consumer Electronics

eci technology provides electronic services that are tailored to the growing demand of the emerging consumer electronics sector. We manufacture electronics for various innovative devices used today.

Modern electronics with faster processing and quicker responsiveness use underlying components, which vary in size, shape, and function. We manufacture different electro-mechanical devices suitable for different electronics used in sectors such as gaming, smart home, retail business, etc., while focusing on reducing development costs and time-to-market.

We are strategic partners of OEMs, providing them with creative solutions and a range of services such as full turnkey design, development, rapid prototyping, complex and highly integrated electromechanical expert solutions, functional and environmental testing, advanced configuration, value-added services, sustained engineering, and logistics services.

Our expertise follows from developing and manufacturing consumer products, focusing on risk mitigation, working with the latest design versions or upgrades, and ensuring constant client satisfaction. Our intellectual and creative solutions are used for:

  • Power Supply Modules
  • Ballast Control Units
  • LED Track Lighting
  • Energy Control Meters
  • Tracking Devices
  • Memory/USB Module Cards

We provide direct distribution and packaging capabilities, such as warehousing and logistics. Products produced can be packaged with consumer wrapping, operational end-user instructions, or any additional cable or hardware accessories that are required and can be shipped directly from the factory to retailers or main distributor channels per customer specifications. This provides a great cost saving service that our customers appreciate.