Green Energy Services

What is Green Energy?

The roots that led us to green energy and renewable energies have been around for over 100 years. Though it wasn’t until recently, that green energy and green technologies started being used in commercial and residential systems. Green technologies are compatible in all sectors and can be incorporated in a variety of different ways. Traditionally speaking, green technologies are thought of as wind transformers, water turbines, and solar panels. These are three great examples of commonly recognized renewable energy sources. Did you know that there are countless other green technologies though? Biofuel makes use of biomass, such as vegetation and ethanol rather than traditional fossil fuels. Yet again, that is nowhere near the end of the line for green energy. Green energy can also refer to monitoring and being conscious of environmental impacts. Examples of this kind of green energy are displayed in forms of LED lights, and home monitoring devices. This is where ECI technology steps in, We provide a variety of services to facilitate green energy.

What is Green Energy?

Green technology is a great tool to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, but what can that do for you? First and foremost, your use of green technology will benefit the entire world’s well being, because of lower emission rates. That is one benefit you won’t be able to see immediately, so are there any benefits you will see personally with green tech usage? Absolutely! If you implement green energy monitoring systems, you will be able to save money on operation costs. Not to mention that your emissions will be lower, and with carbon taxes, lower emissions means more money in your wallet. Still dont think green energy is for you? Think again, this simple solution to high emission rates fits into any system commercial or residential. Own warehouses? Why not implement a monitoring device? The same goes for properties, initial costs do not outweigh the lasting implications and money that is there to be saved.

What is Green Energy?

Emerging growing awareness when it comes to global warming.  Technology, and manufacturing companies like ECI technology have responded and taken steps to advance the green initiative.  We use our advanced technology abilities to design, manufacture, and develop modules for the Green Energy Services sector.  We manufacture at all production levels, whether you need low-to-mid or high volume of products, we are here to serve your specific needs.  ECI technology specializes in manufacturing LED driver board modules and power controllers for the biofuel industry. However, don’t count us out when it comes to manufacturing household and industrial energy devices.  We manufacture a variety of monitoring devices and control system interfaces.  These interfaces are used to enable effective and efficient remote monitoring, diagnosis, and control of energy consumption in large industrial facilities or residential units. 

Our innovative electronics are used to reduce energy requirements in:

  • LED Lighting System
  • Biofuels
  • Household and Industrial Power Monitoring Devices

Our design and manufacturing team surpasses competition in every way.  Our manufactures and developers produce green electronics of higher quality and durability.  Combined with our expertise in complex and turnkey product design.   Our optimized solutions, electro-mechanical assembly services, systems integration, and quality centric approach to logistics enables us to deploy smarter, more efficient equipment.  

Our team of experienced professionals cannot wait to get you started with green technology.  We want you  to be involved at every stage; from design to delivery, your input is essential to producing the perfect product for your needs.  Please contact us with any further questions or if you want to know what we can do for you personally.

In compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA), our Accessible Customer Services Policy is available at your request. Simply make the request through our contact page.

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